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There Is Currently A Pepperoni Shortage Because 2020 Has No Chill

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What is even going on right now.

From Bushfires, to coronavirus, to coin shortages, hoarding toilet paper and water, nary a sanitizing wipe in sight, murder hornets, heatwaves, zombie cicadas — and NOW a pepperoni shortage is on the horizon??

I can take a LOT of things, but I don’t know that my fragile psyche can handle a shortage of the pepperoni variety. Pizza is about the only thing left to enjoy in 2020, AMRITE?!?

According to CBS 2 KUTV in Utah, there are pizza joints across the country that are finding it hard to keep pepperoni in stock. WHAT?!? That is one thing I didn’t see coming.


This dang coronavirus has cut the workforce at pepperoni-making plants, and they are finding it difficult to keep up with supply and demand with the reduced number of people on the payroll.


What does this mean for the consumer — aka US? It means a price increase, that’s what it means!

This shortage has caused pepperoni prices to rise. It’s now up 50% from last year.


If there is ANY good news out of this situation, big chains (think Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns) aren’t yet feeling the pepperoni crunch. They have long-term contracts with mass pepperoni producers, so they still have the pepperoni pizzas.


But, like happens WAY TOO OFTEN lately, it is the small business that feels the effects of the COVID.

So, y’all, if you can, let’s help out these mom and pop restaurants that are struggling.


While I love my Dominos thin crust pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno pizza, I’m also going to be throwing some business to the local pizza joint down the street.


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