This Viral TikTok Shows How A McDonald’s McRib Is Made And I Don’t Know How Y’all Can Eat This

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Do y’all really eat this stuff?

Every year when the McDonald’s McRib comes back I see a ton of my friends freaking the heck out over it.

They’re are so excited and I find it so weird as a person that loves a good REAL BBQ sandwich.

I mean you can get a real BBQ sandwich from Buc-ee’s (Texas gas station) super cheap, so why would you choose McDonald’s over that?


Then I came across this TikTok video that went viral that shows just how they make it and now I’m really wondering… how do y’all eat this?

The TikTok video shows the McDonald’s worker taking out a frozen McRib, then they defrost it in a dirty oven.

After it’s defrosted they dunk it in a nasty looking tray of barbecue sauce.

The bun is toasted, onions and pickles are added and then they drop that McRib on the bun.

I’m sure some of the stuff I eat on the go is just as nasty as this, but I’m not going to go searching out behind the scene videos ha!

Keep it secret, I do NOT need to know!

Do you eat the McDonald’s McRib sandwich and will you continue eating them after watching this TikTok showing how the McDonald’s McRib is made?

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