24 People Have Been Charged With Arson In The Australian Bushfires

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There are STILL bushfires raging in Australia. These fires are affecting every single state on the Australian continent. Some are contained, some are burning out of control.

There is a trifecta of conditions causing the devastation. One — It’s the Dry Season in Australia. Two — There are high winds that are spreading the fires uncontrollably. Three — In some cases, there are humans that are purposely starting the fires.

So far, 500 million animals — let that number sink in — and 24 people have lost their lives due to the devastating fires. AND, the fires are still raging.


Come on, humans. Do better. So far there has been action taken against over 180 people for fire related-offenses. This is SINCE NOVEMBER. Let THAT sink in!


Forty of those individuals were minors. FORTY! Do you know where your kids are?


Every single one of those 180 fire offenses were said to play some part in the Australian bushfires. I can’t even imagine what would make someone commit such an atrocity.

Out of the 180 people who have had action taken against them, 24 have been OFFICIALLY charged with alleged arson.


That means TWENTY FOUR people INTENTIONALLY set part of the bushfires. That number is simply staggering to me.


Let’s talk about the animals for a second. Not only has Australia lost over 500 million fur babies* to the fire devastation, countless others face death, as their natural habitat is being destroyed. The animals rely on these habitats for food and shelter. Now that their homes are burned and gone, what are the animals to do?


There is still time to follow in the footsteps of people like Pink, Selena Gomez, and Keith Urban, and give financially to help support the fight against these wildfires.


* It isn’t JUST furry creatures. All kinds of animals have perished due to the blazes.

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