You Can Get A 2-Person Survival Tent That Fits Into Your Pocket

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One of my biggest fears is to be stuck in the wilderness, left wide open to the elements. I don’t know why. I mean, I don’t do the whole camping thing. Ha!

BUT, I know that if I am ever in the predicament of camping and getting lost, I can carry this tiny packed tent with me, and at least I’ll have some shelter.

You can get this tent right on the Amazon website, and it is a pretty cool little gadget.

It’s called a survival tent, and is made out of a mylar material that was designed by NASA.

This is a two-person tent. I mean, it’s not a LUXURY two-person tent, but it is designed to be easy to set up, pack in two people, and keep you safe from the elements until you can get help.

Our tear-resistant, extra-thick HeatFlex mylar is stronger and more flexible than ordinary space blanket mylar. With 425-lb strength paracord & reinforced tape seams, this is a truly reusable survival tube tent built for the outdoors. The perfect balance of durability & weight at only 8.5 oz


You just find two trees, and tie the 20 foot paracord around the trees and through the tent. Just secure the edges of the tent with rocks, and VOILA! Instant survival must have!

This tents will only cost you twenty bucks, and it just may end up saving your life.

Just pack it in your camping backpack, and you’ll be ready to go!

You can get this 2-person survival tent on Amazon here.

Now, if you’re like me, and glamping is more your thing, you can stay in this furnished, air conditioned YURT, in the middle of nature.

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