Candy Pop Now Has Peppermint Hot Chocolate Popcorn So, Excuse Me While I Stuff My Face

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If you’re looking to skip out on the same pumpkin pies and holiday decorated chocolate chip cookies this year for something new that still satisfies a sweet tooth, Candy Pop Popcorn is offering similar holiday flavors in a different snack bag.

Introducing Candy Pop’s new flavor, peppermint hot chocolate, this 5.25 ounce snack bag packs a flavorful punch with notes of sweet and salty.

Courtesy of @sna_ckfoodie

With the taste of a warm peppermint hot cup of cocoa combining hints of salt, this delicious bag features popped popcorn kernels drizzled in chocolate with chunks of peppermint stuck to each one.

With a satisfying crunch for a satisfied sweet tooth, each snack bag of Candy Pop combines half of sweet and half salty to remind you of holiday season staple flavors.

Courtesy of Candy Pop Popcorn

You can currently find the decorative red snack bag at a handful of retailers like Kroger or you can order them online to shop right to your door for less than ten dollars.

Courtesy of @sna_ckfoodie

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