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LEGO Released a Lovebirds Set So You Can Build It With The One You Love

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If you and your crush are looking for a way to break the ice on date night, LEGOs has just the thing.

So while you and your date are wining and dining at home, LEGOs has the perfect building block set to keep the both of you occupied just incase your dinner conversation, falls silent.

Courtesy of LEGO

An activity made for two, LEGO has released the Lovebirds kit, designed for you and someone special that are also, in love.

Featuring nearly 300 colorful pieces to sort through and piece together, this adorable kit is inspired by the group of parrots that are known for the affectionate relationships they build with their mates.

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Although while this set is clearly the perfect date night activity, who says you can’t build this Lovebirds set on an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even during a snow day while stuck at home together.

Talk about the ideal activity to build whenever you have free the time.

Courtesy of LEGO

Perched on a branch that’s decorated with small pink hearts and red roses, you and your partner will work together to build two realistic-looking parrots with a few final touches that also include a large red heart.

Courtesy of Amazon

Now the only difficult piece you and your date will have to discuss after completing this building block set is deciding which one of you gets to take home this sweet set.

Available to purchase online, you can find LEGO’s Lovebirds kit currently on Amazon.

Courtesy of LEGO

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