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This Man Scolded A Mom and Threatened To Call Police After He Stole Her Car With Her Child Left Inside

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So, I’m not going to berate and belittle this mom. We all make mistakes, sometimes we don’t think and sometimes we do some stupid things.

KPTV FOX 12 Oregon – YouTube

Yes, this mom made a mistake. She left her 4-year-old child in her car while she ran into a meat market to grab meat and milk.

KPTV FOX 12 Oregon – YouTube

As moms, we get really busy and we think we’re just running in for a second and this is just a perfect example of just letting our guards down and how terrible it could have ended,

Crystal Leary told KPTV

In fact, I’m pretty sure she learned the biggest lesson of her life in those few minutes. When she went into the store, she had her vehicle right outside the front door.

KPTV FOX 12 Oregon – YouTube

She left the car running and unlocked, with her 4-year-old inside. When she went into the shop, it wasn’t long before a man got into the car and drove off.

KPTV FOX 12 Oregon – YouTube

Moments later the car theif returned with the car and lectured the mother. He basically told her how wrong it was to leave her kid alone in a running unlocked car.

He even threatened to call the police on her.

I am thankful that he is okay. It was so stupid and I’ll never do that again, but it’s that split-second decision that can just change everything.

Crystal Leary told KPTV

He had her remove her child from the car and drove off again, still stealing the car.

Apparently what she did is not illegal since she was within sight and sound of her child. I don’t think she’ll ever do it again though, legal or not.

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