‘Don’t Look Up’ Messed With My Emotions So Badly, So I’ll Be Crying Over Here If You Need Me

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Seriously, I need a therapist after this movie. I was so excited because I like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence and there were so many other amazing actors, so I had to watch it!


It’s currently sitting in the #1 spot on Netflix, so it was a sign that I just had to watch it and see what the hype was about…and it was not at all what I expected.


It’s another one of those ‘end of the world’ movies where they have to save the planet with sprinkles of humor mixed in. But then it just got…weird.

*spoilers ahead*


You always expect that these types of movies will end up with the world being saved, but I had a feeling along the way that this was going to end badly and I was right.


Everyone dies. Yep. And it’s awful. And yet funny. And yet weird. Looking at the movie from a distance, it’s essentially telling us to wake up, get our act together, and stop being so greedy. But man did it mess with me.


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