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Netflix Released A ‘Dead To Me’ Drinking Game And I’m Ready To Play It

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I LOVE me some Dead To Me. I also love an adult beverage or two. So this drinking game is about the most Epic thing to ever happen!

Courtesy of DeadToMe On Instagram

This is an Official game of the show Dead To Me. Ha! At least, they posted it on their Instagram site. That makes it “Official,” right?!?


I mean, you don’t HAVE to play with an adult beverage. If you want to grab water or iced tea — you do you, babe!

Y’all have you started Season 2 of Dead To Me yet? I will admit, I haven’t yet started watching. I have to finish Little Fires Everywhere, before I get sucked into another awesome series.


You can BET, as soon as I start watching Dead To Me Season 2, it is going to be ON with this game! LOL!


The rules are not hard. So get your adult beverage of choice, and get to watching.


You grab your drink, and take a big ol’ swig if: Jen says “F***” twice in one sentence, Judy says “sorry,” There is a puppy cameo, Dad Bird appears, or There is a traumatic flashback.


You get to take TWO swallows of your drink of choice if: Someone on screen drinks (When in Rome, AMIRITE?!?), Something makes you gasp, jump, or scream, A cop starts to connect the dots, or You sing along.


Grab that drink and chug it if: There’s a plot twist, or Karen almost ruins everything.


Drink Responsibly, my friends, and enjoy this season of Dead To Me.


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