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‘Dead To Me’ Season 2 Releases Today On Netflix

You Guys! Dead to Me Season 2 is FINALLY here!!

It seems like it has been FOREVER since it was announced (last summer to be exact) and just last week Netflix told us the official release date – May 8, 2020 which in case you’ve lost track of the days – it is TODAY!

But now, now they’ve gone and released the first official trailer for the new season and OMG I am more excited than ever!

If you need a refresher, hurry and binge the first season so you know what is happening.

The trailer picks up where Season 1 ended, when Jen shot Steve (Judy’s ex- fiancé).

It looks crazy and wild as ever and I am in for seeing where these two take us next.

Will they be caught? Will they successfully pull off this murder? Who knows!

You can check out the trailer below.