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You Can Listen To The Actor That Plays Gollum Read ‘The Hobbit’

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Those silly little Hobbitses. They have a story like no other.

Courtesy of Andy Serkis on YouTube

My FAVORITE character from the Lord of the Rings saga is Sméagol, or Gollum, if you prefer. I mean, if you don’t like the little holder of the ring, you are dead inside.


The actor that portrayed Gollum in the movies, Andy Serkis, is reading the entirety of The Hobbit, LIVE on YouTube.


He started reading at 10 BST, which is about 5am EDT. The thought is that he will be reading for upwards of 12 hours. That’s some dedication, there!


Serkis is completing this project to help raise money for the NHS Charities.

Courtesy of NHS Charities

The Association of NHS Charities, commonly known as NHS Charities Together, is a federation of over 250 charitable organisations that support the National Health Service, its staff, volunteers and patients, in the United Kingdom.

Courtesy of Andy Serkis on YouTube

The only breaks he will take, are the unscheduled kind — when he has to, um, use the facilities.

Courtesy of Andy Serkis on YouTube

According to the BBC, around 15,000 viewers watched the first hour of his reading, dubbed the “Hobbitathon,” and more than £100,000 has already been raised for the charities.


In case you can’t do math — like ME — that is almost $124.5K American Dollars.

Nice work, Gollum — er, Andy.

You can watch Mr. Serkis read The Hobbit right on his YouTube channel.


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