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People Are Saying Movie Theaters Are Doing Strange Things to Block People From Seeing ‘Sound Of Freedom’

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Have you seen the new film about child human trafficking?

Rumor has it, that it out performed Indiana Jones during the 4th of July weekend, and everyone I know is clamoring to see it.

There is a bit of controversy around Sound of Freedom, like it needs a few Trigger Warnings, but there are also conspiracy theories running wild about this film.

People are saying that movie theaters are doing strange things to block the film from being seen, and if you believe what you see on TikTok, they may not be wrong.

There is post after post about movie theater “issues,” blocking theaters full of people from watching Sound of Freedom.

Everything from “not being able to dim the lights” …

To “not being able to download the film” …

To offering free movie tickets to leave the theater showing Sound of Freedom

To blaring the radio and leaving the lights on during the film …

To fire alarms going off in the middle of the film …

To having the “air conditioner go out” in that one particular theater during the hottest time of the year …

And there was one instance, at one theater, where the website and the box office showed Sound of Freedom as being sold out, but there was absolutely no one in the theater.

There are about eleventy hundred more videos about issues with theaters and Sound of Freedom.

Now, do I believe the conspiracy surrounding these theaters?

Eh. It could all just be coincidence.

It could also be a marketing genius tactic to get people to see the movie…

But, it is pretty insane that all these issues are happening during Sound of Freedom.

What do YOU think?? Do they want to stop people from seeing the film?

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