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You Can Get A ‘Golden Girls’ Christmas Tree Topper For The Ultimate 80s Tree

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This one is for the ultimate ‘Golden Girls’ fan!

Now you can decorate your tree with something that makes you extremely happy, the ‘Golden Girls’!

This is absolutely one of the most unique Christmas tree toppers I have ever come across!

It kind of makes me want to do an 80s themed Christmas tree, how amazing would that be?

This Christmas tree topper not only features your favorite girl gang, the ‘Golden Girls’, but it also lights up!

kitschculturecanada – ETSY

Each star is handmade by the artist who uses a sublimating technique to add the image onto a laser-cut acrylic star.

The ‘Golden Girls’ Christmas tree topper lights on the back that shine through to illuminate the image with warm glowing light and its battery operated.


The outer edge of the star is outlined with some gold glitter tinsel, which is not only pretty but really adds to the kitsch factor of this unique 80s themed Christmas decoration.

This item is created by an artist and you won’t find another like it besides their shop since this is their own personal creation.

kitschculturecanada – ETSY

Since each one is handmade, no two will be the exact same!

Buy one for yourself and some for your ‘Golden Girls’ loving friends for a unique one-of-a-kind gift!

Aimee – Etsy customer

You can get your own ‘Golden Girls’ light-up star Christmas Tree topper from kitschculturecanada on Etsy!

kitschculturecanada – ETSY

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