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The Trigger Warnings The ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Need

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Yes, I went to the theatre yesterday and saw The Sound of Freedom.

I thought it was an extremely important topic, and was the start of a great conversation between people.

But …

But, did I like it? It’s kinda hard to say that I “liked” this film.

The subject matter of the movie is tough, and at times I felt a little gross — voyeuristic almost.

Sound of Freedom is loosely based on a true story about Tim Ballard, an ex-Homeland Security agent who makes it his mission to find and help children involved in sex trafficking.

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I will say, I was going to take my 16-year-old daughter to the film, but it didn’t work out for her to go.

THANK GOD it didn’t work out for her to go, because I think the movie would have scarred her for life.

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If you think you want your kids to see this film, I would recommend seeing the movie first before you make the decision to let your kids watch this film.

The subject matter is very dark. The scenes can be very dark. It isn’t a comfortable watch.

Sound of Freedom definitely needs a few Trigger Warnings — especially if someone is going into it blind, not knowing a thing about the film.

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Trigger Warnings For Sound of Freedom

There will be a few spoilers, so proceed with caution if you don’t want to know what happens.

Human Trafficking. This is what the film is all about. You see people negotiating the sale of young kids for acts that you know are meant to be sexual.

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Child Abduction. The children in the film are taken from their loving parents, who didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. They were tricked into what ultimately became human trafficking of little kids.

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Sexual Abuse of Little Kids. We don’t actually see the sexual acts, but it is very blatantly obvious what is happening behind closed doors. There are several times that we see scarred little — very young — kids on beds, and an adult male coming into the scene, before it cuts away.

There is also one instance where a man starts to unbuckle his pants — getting ready to perform sexual acts on an 11-year-old girl. There are also verbal conversations about children being raped.

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Child Harm. You don’t actually see the harm, but there is a scene where a nurse tells Tim Ballard that a young boy has marks compatible with sexual abuse, and they have occurred very recently.

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Children Locked Up. There is one part in the film where the young kids are locked in a crate. That crate is on a boat that is traveling across the ocean, taking the kids to their final destinations for the human trafficking. It is apparent that the kids are in that crate quite a while, and you kind of wonder if the other crates on the ship hold more kids.

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Child Manipulation. This kind of runs all throughout the movie. But, there is one scene in particular where a woman tells the children — and the parents — that the kids are going to be auditioning for a talent agency. Spoiler Alert – They’re not auditioning for a talent agency. The kids are being groomed and getting their pictures taken so they can be sold.

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Scarred Children. There are many times throughout the film where the little kids who have been sold into sex trafficking are very frightened about what is happening to them. It is really hard to watch, so be aware it’s coming.

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Pedophiles. At the beginning of the film, you see a sting operation — and ultimate arrest — of a guy who is into buying and selling children online. You know what he has done, you know what he is, and you will hate him. But, again, hard to watch.

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If you would like to see the preview for Sound of Freedom, you can see it below.

Be warned, you see some things in the trailer that need the same trigger warnings.

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