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You Can Get A Giant Octopus Pool Float and I Love It

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What creatures make the best pool floats? Sea creatures of course! This Octopus swimming pool float is exactly what is needed for summertime fun!

This is an extra-large sized Octopus pool float! Perfect for adults and kids seem to like this one too! Look, there are plenty of tentacles for all of your friends to hang on to!


It is over 5 feet wide, measuring at 63 inches x 63 inches x 23.5 inches. That gives you tons of room to lounge and relax! You definitely will want this for your next pool party!


This Octopus inflatable float is perfect for the pool, the lake, and even the ocean! It is made from vinyl and can be easily wiped clean. It’s also easy to inflate and deflate.


You can even flip it over while on land and become an attack spider as this smart kid did! Run! Kids have the best imaginations!


Add a Shark head float and become a Sharktopus! You can get your very own Octopus pool float for only $39.99! This one looks like a ton of fun to have! I’m going to have to build a shed just for this float addiction I have acquired.


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