Hawaiian Roll French Toast Is The Hottest New Food Trend To Make For Breakfast

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Several eggs, cracked, cinnamon, and whole milk, whisked together in one large glass bowl.

Fluffy bread, with the crust, soaked in eggs, fried on a pan, flipped, topped with whipped cream, strawberries and a powdered sugar dusting to finish.

This, is typically the recipe for french toast.

Most recently, individuals on social media have switched and replaced the iconic french toast recipe by frying whole Hawaiian rolls in a pan after dipping the bun in the usual cinnamon-y egg mixture.

Courtesy of Shilo Savage

An individual who shared their final results after switching out slices of bread for Hawaiin rolls after posting in the public group Good Ole Soul Food Recipes on Facebook, went viral with a finale of 50 thousand shares and nearly 10 thousand likes!

Courtesy of Shilo Savage

Shilo Savage paired the Hawaiin roll french toast with mini sausage links and eggs which was and I quote “a complete game changer” according to the Facebook user!

Courtesy of Shilo Savage

Out with the old and in with the new, or in this case, out with the sliced bread and in with the puffy rolls please!

Courtesy of Shilo Savage

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