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Universal Studios Throws A Little Shade At Disney Fans Who Are Selling Splash Mountain Water And It’s Hilarious

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ICYMI, Splash Mountain closed at Disney World last week.

It was the end of an era. They are going to reimagine the ride as a Princess and the Frog ride through.

Since then, Disney fans have taken to sites like eBay to sell jars of the water from Splash Mountain — a sort of memorabilia from the beloved ride.

It’s gotten a bit out of control, with jars of the Splash Mountain water going for upwards of $500.

Universal Studios never misses an opportunity to throw a little shade at Disney — all in fun, of course.

They recently reTweeted a post from May of 2021, which showcases a water ride of their own, Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls.

In the Tweet, Universal totally roasts Disney without hardly even trying. LOL!!

The Tweet was hilarious on its own, but it’s the comments that really make me chuckle — and I say this with total love as a self-proclaimed Disnerd.

It seems there are a lot of Universal fans out there who love a good back and forth between the two theme parks.

In case you are thinking that you need one more ride on Splash Mountain, it’s still up and running at Disneyland.

It will be closing, but Disney has not announced a last day for the ride as of yet.

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