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Starbucks Is Releasing A Teal Bling Cup and I Need It Now

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Ahhhhh it is almost time for another Starbucks drop and I am so excited!!

Every few months we are greeted with new Starbucks merchandise and I REALLY try to talk myself out of getting them but this time, I just can’t.

Starbucks Is Releasing A Teal Bling Cup and I Need It Now. Seriously, it is GORGEOUS.


Ahhh isn’t this just gorgeous? It’s like a deeper Tiffany Blue and I love it!

The Instagram account bombsias posted about new tumblers being released this year and I cannot get over how pretty they are.


This cup looks to be a 24 oz. cup like many others.

As of right now, the only information we know is that they are coming this year (my guess is, closer to summer) but we have no official release date.


Keep your eyes peeled at all your favorite Starbucks locations and as soon as I know more, I will update this post!


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