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The New Netflix Home Organization Show Is Giving Me Major Anxiety

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Get Organized With Home Edit is the new Netflix show that I simply Can’t. Stop. Watching!!

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

I have OCD tendencies, anyway, and this show totally feeds into those deep dark desires. Ha!

If you have known me for ANY length of time, you know I have pretty much always tended toward organization down to the last detail, including color, labeling, sizes, like things together, and putting things on display.

This show just justifies all my organizing ways, and I’m going to be a little honest, it is giving me some anxiety!!

I have to fight being so detailed and exact when it comes to everything having a place, and everything in that place.

I mean, I’m so bad that I have told the kids not to pull out toys and play with them, because they will mess up my organization of said toys.

Get Organized With Home Edit, as glorious as it is, just tells me it is completely fine to organize in this way that makes so much sense to me.


Why does this give me anxiety? Because, I can lose myself for HOURS just organizing down to the last detail. I have tried to find other ways to just quickly organize things, and move on, but this show tells me it is okay to be crazy OCD about my organization!


Do you get what I’m saying? I completely LOVE the show. It gives me great pleasure to see the organized spaces. The organized rainbow of colors that they create makes me, straight-up giddy!!

But, if I were to turn around and do that to MY house, it would turn into a space where I wouldn’t let my family live, for fear they would mess up my process.


Maybe I just need to go live with Joanna and Clea, the stars of the show. They seem to understand my crazy organization ways, and they somehow make it okay. Ha!


See a trailer for the show Get Organized With Home Edit below.

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