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‘Get Organized With The Home Edit’ Is The New Hot Show On Netflix

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I have told my husband FOREVER that it is completely normal to organize by color and with labels, and now I have proof!

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

Get Organized With Home Edit is the new organization show that is streaming right NOW on Netflix, and it’s an OCD person’s organization DREAM!


The Home Edit started on social media, by Joanna and Clea, and the idea has been franchised out across the nation. They have some pretty simple goals — to organize with beautiful colors, whimsical labels, and tons of storage.


The Home Edit ladies have taken these simple organization ideas, and turned them into a show on Netflix — and I simply can’t stop watching!!


This is, legit, my dream show. I want The Home Edit team to come organize my entire house — and I know I’m not alone!


They have a bunch of celebrity admirers, some of which we see throughout the show. Reese Witherspoon (who happens to also Executive Produce) is the first celeb to undergo a closet redo with The Home Edit Team.

Can you say A Closet Dedicated To Legally Blonde and Awards Dresses?!? Yes, please!


It’s not JUST about doing the homes of the rich and famous. Regular people need the help of The Home Edit team, too!


In the very first episode of the show, we see the reorganization of Doctor Whitney’s closet. Dr. Whitney is a pediatrician, and the very first surprise organization project the team has ever done.


I love that I can totally see myself in these individuals, and I can take away some pretty awesome organization ideas from the show!


They use the rainbow of colors to organize spaces — keeping colors together — and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I just want to live in these organized spaces.


They use labels to designate certain storage areas, and I love it! Everything has a place, and everything is in its place.


Stop what you are doing right now, and watch this show!! You are going to want to go redo every room in your house.


Watch the trailer for Get Organized With The Home Edit below.

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