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This Gingerbread Cookie Hack Shows You How To Make An Edible Cookie Wreath For The Holidays

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I am sorry but you can’t do the holidays without baking cookies. You just can’t. That is why as soon as I saw this Christmas Baking Hack, I knew I had to show you! It is GENIUS.

@xmasfyp shared their video on TikTok that shows you how to make a cookie wreath made with real gingerbread cookies and yes, I did say gingerbread!

Courtesy of @xmasfyp

The video starts with baked gingerbread cookies but before you bake them, make sure to create holes on either ends of the arms.

Who would’ve thought you could use the shape of a gingerbread man to create Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, and all you have to do is flip the gingerbread upside down!

Courtesy of @xmasfyp

Then, use icing to shape your reindeer and don’t forget the red nose! Of course you can also use the icing to make gingerbread men and women to make your wreath more creative!

Once the icing is dried, loop the cookies together to create a gingerbread wreath around an artificial pine wreath and the finished product will look amazing.

Courtesy of @xmasfyp

Shoutout to @xmasfyp for showing us this insane gingerbread hack! You can check out the full video below.


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