10 Lessons Learned as a Toddler’s Mom

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Like any new mom, I had no idea what I was really getting into when I had my first baby. I seriously thought the hard part would be all the diaper changes. Right. There’s too much I’ve Learned as a Toddler’s Mom to even cram in a lifetime. But somehow, its happening! Eep!

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The best part of learning all these lessons? It totally caught it all on camera and now I can keep these lessons forever. I love being a toddler’s mom.

10 Lessons Learned as a Toddler’s Mom

  • Why is baby on the table BEHIND THE TV?! “Duh, mommy, there’s a toy back there. You silly.” The lesson: There’s always a good reason for being a little naughty–it makes life just that much more fun.
  • Is that really how we woke up this morning? “Yup. And if you have a problem with it, mommy, shove-it because I’m having breakfast like this. And maybe lunch.” The lesson: Sometimes, it’s ok to just be yourself, especially with your kids.
  • That’s MY cake. “Don’t get between me and the rest of this delicious confection.” The lesson: You can have your cake, your daughter can eat it, too, and you’ll just be happy she enjoyed it. AND the bonus lesson for this: Don’t feed after midnight.
  • Take a nap on your own couch. Sometimes, mommy, you’re just too much and I need a break. The lesson: Being “on” all the time is hard, and we all get that–take the breaks you’re given and nap a little. Those dishes can wait.
  • Biting the head off the ducky is how you play with the ducky. “Why would you even ask?” The lesson: Play is what you make of it and you’re only as creative as the play you make.

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  • Lemme help you cook. “You know it’ll go faster if I get this glass pan for you.” The lesson: Sometimes, a little help is all I need to put a smile on my face–regardless of whether the help is really help at all.
  • Yeah, Granny’s shoes might be a bit big, but I’ll just walk in them anyway. “Besides, mommy, walking in other people’s shoes can be fun!” The lesson: Well, walking in a baby’s shoes can be the funnest thing of all.
  • Check-out my tongue! Over and over and over and over. The lesson: Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that never get old.
  • Give us a kiss, baby. And the phone. And the dog. And, well, the world. The lesson: Spreading the love sometimes makes the love feel that much sweeter.
  • Giggle with me. Slow down, mommy! I need to laugh now! The lesson: Life, even with a baby, can turn into a crazy race. I’ve actually never been busier. But if I slow down and share a laugh with her, all that just melts away.

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