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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Popcorn Is Here to Be Your New Favorite Munchie

Cheetos has a new Flamin’ Hot flavor in town, and this time it’s POPCORN!

The Cheetos brand outdid themselves with the Flamin’ Hot flavor Cheetos chip, but they just one-upped themselves with this new Flamin’ Hot POPCORN! I LOVE popcorn.

They have the original flavor in a CHEESY Popcorn, which is totally great. But, let’s get real — all things Flamin’ Hot are the rage!

These are rolling out NOW, so they should be to a store near you soon.

Don’t worry. This popcorn is sure to give you just as much CHEETLE as the Cheetos chip variety.

What is Cheetle, you ask? It’s that layer of tasty neon orange or bright red powdered cheese that is left on your fingers after snacking on Cheetos chips.

Before Cheetos rolled this popcorn out to stores, they sent samples of this new treat to a few lucky bloggers. The reviews have been OUTSTANDING, of course. I had no doubt!

The retail price on these is $3.99, but they also will have a snack-size bag for $1.89. You may as well get the BIG bag. You’ll want it, trust me!

I love all things hot. Of course, I LOVE the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I also like Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip, Flamin’ Hot Doritos with Limon, as well as the Reaper Ranch Taco Bell Tortilla Chips. I even love the Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Remix. Bring on that spice!

This popcorn, however, is likely to beat them all! I prefer popcorn over a chip, so these are a no-brainer for my snacking pleasure.

They have been Beta-testing this popcorn at Regal movie theaters around the country, and consumers are LOVING it! I mean, can you blame them?

It is important to note, these are NOT the Chester’s Puffcorn, which is delicious in itself. This is ACTUALLY popcorn, and you HAVE to try it! You just may never go back.