Joann’s Is Giving Away Free Easter Kits For Kids. Here’s How to Get Yours.

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The Easter holiday is slowly but surely, right around the corner.

If you don’t have your Easter baskets completed yet, JOANN Fabrics and Crafts gives another reason to stuff something extra in your kid’s Easter baskets without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the arts and crafts store, JOANN is celebrating this Easter holiday season with gift giving and for free, might I add.

That’s right, you read correctly, and truly what’s better than the word free!

So while you’re planning your Easter egg hunt and finishing up last minute touches on those holiday baskets, JOANN stores has something to add to the colorful Easter baskets.

Introducing the tic-tac-toe Easter kit!

Featuring an Easter themed tic-tac-toe board rather than the x’s and o’s that usually come hand in hand with the popular kid’s game, stripped Easter eggs and bunnies with bowties replace the game pieces!

Courtesy of JOANN

To celebrate spring and to give on Easter, you can find the Easter game board at your nearest JOANN Fabrics and Crafts store.

Simply walk into the nearest JOANN store and pick up the Easter kit; just keep in mind that supplies are limited with each store.

So put away your wallet and pick up the free game board because cash or card is not accepted for this Easter pick-up!

Starting April 2 run, and not walk to the closest JOANN Fabrics and Crafts location to claim your free tic-tac-toe Easter kit!

Courtesy of JOANN

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