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Nokia Is Releasing A New Version Of The Brick Phone And It Is Pure Nostalgic Bliss

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Ah, the brick phone. The first phone I ever had before touch screens, facial recognition, and easy texting!

These phones were actually affordable and didn’t break at the slightest slip of hand. So why did we move on? Oh yeah, latest and greatest…

Nokia has decided to give us the best of both worlds and bring back the 6310 brick phone with some adjustments, of course!


This phone is already selling in Great Britain and India, retailing around $60-$80, depending on the location. It also comes in a variety of colors.


There isn’t a specified release date for the U.S., but you can always by them from overseas if you’re too impatient to wait on your nostalgic needs!

Nokia is celebrating their 20th anniversary of the 6310’s initial release, which is what sparked the re-release! It will still retain its trademark shape and long battery life. It will have bigger buttons, zoomed-in menus and a radio.


It’s also going to feature it’s iconic Snake game! This is definitely a treat for millennials! Are you planning to get one?

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