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This Bath & Body Works PocketBac Holder Looks Just Like A Houseplant For Your Desk

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You can get a Bath & Body Works Desk PocketBac Holder that looks just like a houseplant, and I need it!

Bath & Body Works

I simply love Bath & Body Works. I used to work there, and let me tell you, it’s next to impossible not to buy EVERYTHING in the store while you’re working.

It was especially difficult when they came out with the PocketBacs, and all their insanely cute PocketBac Holders! I had one in every style and every scent, and I’m not even sorry about it.

Bath & Body Works has gone and outdone themselves once again with the most ADORBS PocketBac Holder. It’s pretty enough to keep on your desk at work, and nobody will be the wiser.

This PocketBac Holder looks just like a small houseplant complete with a pretty white and red vase.

Bath & Body Works

Perfect for killing germs without sacrificing your style (or valuable desk). — Designed exclusively for our PocketBac Hand Sanitizers, sold separately.

Bath & Body Works

This little, discreet beauty is a cinch to use. You just load your PocketBac into the back of the planter, and then you can open the cap whenever you need a little antibacterial boost.

Bath & Body Works

I’m very satisfied with this purchase.The plant is the perfect size & makes a beautiful functional decor piece for my nightstand or desk.This item [comes with] a base made entirely of silicone,so it’s easy to keep clean.The leaves bend into any desired position.Also,the sanitizer pops in & out with ease & remains secured once in place.I’ll always have sanitizer available when needed & a pretty plant in front of me at the same time.

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Seriously, I need this on my desk at work. It might spruce the place up a little, and give me the antibacterial gel that I need after dealing with the public all day.

Bath & Body Works

Get this — this lovely PocketBac Holder clocks in at only 15 bucks!! Now of course, you have to buy the actual antibacterial gel separately. BUT, you can change out scents whenever you want.

You can try your hand at finding this Houseplant PocketBac Holder in store — but it’s so cute, it just might be out of stock by the time you get to the store.

A much easier way to get your hands on one of these Bath & Body Works Houseplant Desk PocketBac Holders is to just go to the website, and purchase it there.

Bath & Body Works

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