You Can Get Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning and Put It On Everything

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Did you know that Frank’s RedHot carries a Seasoning Blend?!? In fact there is two but Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning is where it’s at!!!

I love me some Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce!

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I use it on everything from pizza, to spaghetti sauce, from soups, to baked chicken. I even use the stuff on my eggs in the morning.

Do I have an addiction to the spicy sauce? Maybe.

BUT, this Frank’s RedHot SEASONING is on a completely other plane of existence.

Courtesy of Amazon

My FAVORITE? The Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning Blend. It is ‘OMG’ good!

Courtesy of Amazon

It adds a tangy KICK like no other to ALL my foods!

I would probably sprinkle the stuff straight into my mouth, if I didn’t need it for so many other things!

@Jeniferlee_75, a badass from Twitter, even decided to put it on her bacon before she cooked it. She just might be a genius.

What would you put it on? I mean, besides EVERYTHING, of course!

Courtesy of Amazon

This seasoning is FULL of TONS of cayenne pepper, vinegar, tomato, and cultured whey — that’s a fancy work for milk powder. You have GOT to try it!

You can get your’s straight from Amazon.

I mean, they probably have some at your local grocery store, too, but that would mean you have to get in your car and drive there. It is so easy to just add it to your Amazon cart. Thank God for Amazon Prime!

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