Sprite Ginger Has Arrived and It’s Perfect for Times You Have An Upset Stomach

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Guess what? Sprite Ginger has OFFICIALLY arrived! I can’t help but think this is perfect for times when you have an upset stomach. Sprite + Ginger really is the perfect duo!

credit: coca-cola company

I know so many people that are going to love this. Our favorite no caffeine, clear soda has added a kick of ginger taste and it looks like it’s a hit.


You will find it on shelves nationwide in all the familiar forms, 2 liters; cans; 20-ounce bottles.

For those of us watching our waistlines, there is also a sugar-free option.


Pregnant ladies send the husbands to the corner store.  This new Sprite has GINGER in it.  Hopefully, besides the amazing taste, there will be an added tummy soothing benefit.


For those of you who are wondering. This Sprite Ginger evidently makes a good mixer for your adult beverages.


Sprite also brought together 9 talented designers to come up with a Sprite Ginger collection.

Watch out on social media because the designers will be highlighted.  One designer was crowdsourced from Instagram.  One is a legendary streetwear designer. I am sure there are some great stories here.


The collection includes jewelry, art, clothes and a skateboard deck. There is definitely something for everyone.


The collection is a limited edition. So, scoop up your favorite fast.

Sprite Ginger itself is not limited. It will be around for a while. You might want to call ahead to your favorite store to make sure they have it available.

The reviews coming in have been good and it will go fast once it hits your shelves I’m sure.

Personally I am going to need to find Baby Ginger to keep me company on my desk.  Y’all let us know what you think of Sprite Ginger and which collection piece you’d like to find!


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