This Raindrop Shaped Tent Lets You Sleep In The Trees and I Need It

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My kids are going to think I am the COOLEST mom ever! I just found out that You Can Get A Raindrop Shaped Tent That Lets You Sleep In The Trees!

Dré Wapenaar

Awww yeah!

Camping is something we LOVE to do as a family but it isn’t always easy sleeping on the cold hard ground. Not to mention – being in bear country is TERRIFYING.

While you can certainly get a tent cot that keeps you off the cold hard ground, it still doesn’t protect you from animals.

Well, this might – a Raindrop shaped tent that attaches to the tree allowing you to sleep in the actual tree.

Dré Wapenaar

 These dewdrop shaped Treetents were designed by Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar.

Dré Wapenaar

They were originally designed to ease the lives of tree-sitting activists but they also make excellent treetop retreats for campers, kids, and anyone soothed by an evening spent softly swaying among the branches.

Each raindrop tent attaches directly to a tree trunk and is roomy enough to sleep a family of four. Cool, right?

Dré Wapenaar

Wapenaar’s treehouse tents are composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas and measure thirteen feet tall with a 9 foot diameter.

Dré Wapenaar

So, it sounds like these might be a bit hard to travel with and possibly assemble but who cares, it’ll totally be worth it.

Dré Wapenaar

I’ve never wanted to sleep in a tree so bad in my life.

Currently, these aren’t available for sale BUT it is worth knowing about. In the meantime, you can grab something similar on Amazon Here.

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