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You Can Play Cards Against Humanity Online With Your Friends for Free

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Missing your game nights with friends? We already told you how you can watch Netflix with your friends while social distancing. But there is so much more you can do!


I have great news for you! You can now play Cards Against Humanity with your friends online!


You’ll think I’m weird, but I have never in my life played Cards Against Humanity. I tend to be a person that stays at home a LOT, so now that it can be played from home, I may just give it a try!


I’ve heard it was a fun game filled with a lot of laughs! We could all use some laughs!


Here is what you need to do to set up a virtual game with your friends and family.


You’ll need to go to Playingcards.io and create a virtual room. You will get a link that you can share with everyone that you want to invite to your virtual game night.


Set up a video chat with everyone you invited so you can see each other and laugh together. Grab a drink, some snacks, and have a great time!


It says the rules are the same as the real version. You pull a question card, and everyone chooses their answer cards. Then a judge picks a winner.

It sounds pretty simple! The virtual version keeps your cards private so there is no cheating! Have fun!


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  1. Like, Ok Alicia, we like totally get your point of view. Have you tried playing when your not stoned??

  2. Maybe you should try this yourself. This doesn’t work, like at all.