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You Can Now Have A Netflix Watch Party With Distant Family and Friends

This Google extension allows you to watch the same Netflix show as your friend while chatting!

Does social distancing have you canceling your weekly Netflix binge sesh with your besties?

Well, have I got news for you! You can now have a virtual Netflix watch party and it stays completely within the social distancing guidelines!


This Google extension allows you to set up a chatroom with your besties or relatives while simultaneously binging your favorite Netflix show/movies!

I seriously think that this is the coolest! I moved states recently and have been dearly missing my movie nights with family. But now I can feel included still!


This is every introvert’s dream, like… I can socialize without human contact? Count me in!

I mean, don’t get me wrong; I love my friends. But I also love looking homeless in my pj’s while drinking a glass of my favorite wine.


It’s super simple too! Just go install the Google extension, choose any show from the Netflix website and click the “NP” button to get the group created! Grab the party URL and send it to all your besties!

How cool is that!? I’m not usually good with technology, but this seems pretty straight forward to set up!

Staying home doesn’t have to be lonely y’all! Grab yourself some snacks, pour yourself a glass of wine and get the party started with your besties!

Oh… and last but not least, wash your hands!!