Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Season 2 Has Me More Baffled And Intrigued Than Ever Before

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Warning: Only watch this show if you want to question EVERYTHING. It is so eye opening and has you really thinking and trying to solve decade old mysteries!


This is definitely my kind of show. When I was a kid, while everyone else wanted to be pop stars and firefighters, my dream job was…a secret agent. And I totally think I missed my calling…


This show has completely reawakened every part of me that still enjoys a good mystery. These are real life, unsolved mysteries that they are asking the public to help on. I mean, how amazing is that?


I binge watched season one and was definitely not disappointed. But season two just plain blew me away. From finding an important man in a landfill to finding a dead woman in a hotel with still no identity to this day, it really gets those wheels turning!


I was GLUED to my screen, especially on the fourth episode with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I’m still so speechless on that one.


And thanks to the continuation of this show over the years, cases are getting solved, people are getting answers, and there is finally a sense of peace for some. I hope they continue with this for years to come!


Have you watched season two yet! If so, comment below and let me know what you thought? I would love to nerd out with some of you over these mysteries!


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