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Disney Has A Baby Yoda Halloween Costume For Your Dog and You Know You Need It

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Well, you KNEW it was going to happen. Disney has come out with a Halloween costume for your fur baby — and it’s Baby Yoda.

Courtesy of Shop Disney

Yup. The cutest “Baby” in the galaxy is now the PERFECT costume for your super-cute pooch!

Courtesy of Disney

This costume is Baby Yoda’s robe, and on it comes an attached headpiece and attached arms — that are holding a frog. Ha!


Bounty hunters will cross galaxies to acquire this howlingly fun asset for their pup. Complete with plush frog in his hands, the Child makes a perfect costume choice for canine companions.

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This doggie costume comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. So the teeny tiny pups have to miss out on this one. But, that’s okay the tiny dogs can fit in this Mickey Mouse costume with harness. It’s also super cute!!

The Baby Yoda costume will cost you between 27 and 30 bucks, depending on what size you have to get for you little furry buddy.

Courtesy of Shop Disney

Unfortunately, this costume is currently on backorder — because it was THAT popular. But, the GOOD news is that more of these costumes are expected to be in stock on October 7th — just in time for the Halloween holiday!!

You can get your pup a Baby Yoda costume right on the Shop Disney website, and you will have the most precious pooch in the galaxy!!

Courtesy of Disney

Check THIS out — Amazon has the CUTEST Nightmare Before Christmas costumes of your canine buddy, so you can have your furry friend looking Disney chic all season long!

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