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You Can Ride A Rail Bike Through The Redwood Forest and It Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

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Sometimes you just need to get away, get into nature, unwind, and breathe the clean air of the outdoors.

I can’t think of a better way to do this than to head into redwood territory, and take a railbike smack through the beautiful redwood forest. It will absolutely take your breath away.


You haven’t lived your best life, until you have communed with nature on such an intimate level.

And that means A LOT coming from me, because I am in indoor kinda gal. I mean, if I go camping, it HAS to be glamping, or you can count me out. Ha!

Courtesy of Cave B Inn & Spa

There is a place in Northern California, right in the heart of the giant redwood forest, where you can ride the rails, but in a different way than you are used to.

Courtesy of Google

Railbikes are used on tracks that USED TO BE used by the train system, but have long been abandoned for that purpose.


They are 2-person bikes that glide right over the rails of the train tracks. They are virtually silent, even when you get tired and choose to use the motor.

Courtesy of Skunk Train on Facebook

Electric-powered and virtually silent, our custom-built, two-person railbikes will take you breezing along the world-famous Redwood Route. Your group will wend its way along scenic Pudding Creek, cross over majestic wooden trestle bridges, and journey into the heart of the ancient redwoods of Mendocino County.

Skunk Train
image via Skunk Train / CanevariPhoto

Disembark at Glen Blair Junction for a 50-minute layover to enjoy a picnic or to journey on foot deeper into the redwoods to walk amongst some giants on our loop trail, past blossoming wild iris and trillium and over the iconic arched stone bridge. Renewed and recharged, you’ll bike back to the depot at Fort Bragg (California, NOT North Carolina), with photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Skunk Train

The cost is $250 per BIKE, and each bike can hold up to two people.


The railbikes run rain or shine, and the Skunk Train website says you WILL get wet, “so unleash your inner child, it’s fun!


There is a minimum height — 31 inches from hips to floor, and there is a max weight limit — 250 pounds per rider. You also must be at least 6 years old to ride the railbikes.


To make sure you can endure the trip, make sure that you can pedal on a recumbent bike for 30 minutes. You only need to pedal at a low exertion level, so plan accordingly.


If you think you would like to go ride the railbikes in Northern California among the redwoods, you can go to the Skunk Train website to make your reservations and read all about the experience.

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