I am Married, But I Want To Hang With The Guys. Why Isn’t That Okay?

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Lately there has been a huge push for girl’s weekends and to find a great best friend you can talk about anything with.

Every article I read, every time I log onto Facebook, best friends are tagging each other, planning a GNO (that’s girl’s night out) or talking about how much fun they have without their husbands.

I got all caught up in the talk. I ran out to wine nights with the girls, painted a bunch of matching paintings, crafting over margaritas, and trying to be interested in all the things I am not.

All while my husband was at home gaming with his friends. Hanging out making jokes that most women would find extra crass, and having a way better time than me.

Ugh, I was SO jealous. I’d come home from a night of daiquiri’s at the local “bar” with the girls and find the guys hanging out having the evening I wish I’d had.

Or even just my husband would be here, and they’d all be at their respective houses gaming and chatting in their computer headsets.

But that is what I was SUPPOSED to do. Supposed to want. To go and hang with the girls, laughing, taking selfies filling up each other’s inboxes with texts and messages about stuff I don’t care about at all.

Seriously, these women text ALL THE TIME.


And I can’t handle it. You know who never texts me about nothing? The guys. If they are going to text about randomness, it’s going to be a hilarious picture that isn’t safe for everyone else to see.

And THAT is what I want. Those are the people I want to be friends with. I know I am supposed to want to go to craft night. I know I am supposed to want to have wine-down Wednesdays and to take trips to CABO while sipping drinks and talking about nothing.

But I don’t. I just want to hang out with the guys. To play video games and make ridiculous jokes and tell insane stories. THIS is my fun time. THIS is what I enjoy.

Why isn’t that okay?

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