Bath & Body Works Has Released Their Winter Scents. Take My Money Now.

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It’s that magical time of year again! Bath & Body Works has released their winter scents, and I’m ready to grab my sweater and scarf!
Via Bath & Body Works

Every year I wait not so patiently for the winter scents to make their way the the shelves … And I don’t have to wait anymore!

They have given us 5 scents in their normal lineup plus an aromatherapy scent: Frosted Holly, Snowflakes & Cashmere, Twilight Woods, Winter Wonder, Autumn Nights, Sweater Weather, and Joyful.

Via Bath & Body Works

Not just that …

Via Bath & Body Works

They have also brought us two other scents: Pink Velvet Cupcake and the beloved Gingham from YEARS ago.

Via Bath & Body Works

Not only do they have bath scents for us, they have also brought out new Wallflowers just in time for fall and winter.

Via Bath & Body Works

There are NINE new Wallflowers scents for us to obsess over: White Winter Woods, Hot Cocoa & Cream, Frozen Lake, Flannel, Spiced Apple Toddy, Winter, ‘Tis The Season, Fresh Balsam, and Frosted Cranberry.

Via Bath & Body Works

They may as well just open my wallet, and take all my money now.

Via Bath & Body Works

Just look at these new warmers for the Wallflowers!! Gah!!

Of course, all the winter scents are here for a limited time, and they go FAST. Run … do not walk … to your nearest Bath & Body Works to get yours now!

Don’t Forget, you can always get them online, too!

Still looking for Halloween scents? They are running out quickly! Grab them while you can.

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