Things Your Kids Can Do When They Can’t Play Fortnite

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Yesterday will go down in history as the day Fortnite was sucked into a black hole and the game disappeared.

If you have a teen, chances are, you’ve dealt with this:

Now that Fortnite is gone, you can give your teen other things to do with their time…

Not sure what? Here are Things Your Kids Can Do When They Can’t Play Fortnite:

Head outside.

Yup, they can get some fresh air and do what kids used to do before video games – PLAY outside with other kids.

Pick up the dog doo-doo.

I mean, when is the last time it has been picked up? A little manual labor never hurt anyone. Plus, ya know, it is outside.

Go on a brisk walk.

All that sitting and gaming probably made your kids muscles deteriorate. Walking will sure do them some good. Maybe use this time to hatch some Pokemon Go Eggs?


Seriously, trust me, no parent has ever gotten in trouble for kicking their kids out back and making them play in the dirt.

Play a new game… outdoors.

HA. I bet you thought I was going to say, a new video game, but NOPE. Play night games only during the day – text your friends and say, “hey, let’s play day games”.

Go on a bike ride.

Nothing is better than the feeling of wind in your hair. Just make sure to wear your helmet.

Open your front door and walk outside.

Enough said here.

Okay, with all seriousness, make your kids head outside because chances are, Fortnite is coming back and they’ll be right back to lounging in sweat pants and eating Cheetos and Mountain Dew while playing the game in no time!

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