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11 Super Genius Uses For Olive Oil That Don’t Involve Cooking

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I love me some olive oil. Mix it with some seasoning and balsamic vinegar, and then dunk your thinly sliced crusty bread right in.

OMG. I just drooled a little.

You can also use it, and probably do, for spaghetti sauces, salad dressings, hummus, pesto, and even to roast those veggies.

As far as flavoring your food, you can’t beat it!!

But, did you know that there are other ways — non-traditional ways — to use that delicious oil made from olives?

It really is like a miracle solution that you can use in so many ways!!

Other Ways To Use Olive Oil

Shaving: Just slather a little bit of olive oil all over your legs while in the shower. The razor will simply glide over your skin, and your legs will be super smooth!

Chapped Lips: Can’t find that lip gloss, and you’re running out the door? No problem. Just reach for that bottle of olive oil, put a little on your finger, and rub it on your lips. Boom!! Nice and moisturized!

Eye Makeup Remover: Looking for a natural way to remove that stubborn eye makeup? Look no further than that bottle of olive oil you have right in your kitchen. Put a little on a facial cloth, and rub it over your SHUT eyes. Your makeup will come right off!

Shine Up Stainless Steel: Sounds weird, huh!! Just try it. It will make your stainless steel sparkle like new!

Undo A Stuck Zipper: We’ve all been there. We go to zip up our jacket, and the zipper jams. There is a simple way to fix that, and it, of course, involves olive oil. All you need is a drop, right on the tines of the zipper, and loosen it right up. Be careful not to get it on the fabric, however. It WILL leave an oil mark that only Dawn Detergent can get out.

Get That Sticker Off Your Furniture: Kids!! They put stickers on anything and everything. Stickers can be a beast to get off — but leave it to olive oil! Rub a tiny bit on that sticker, wait a few minutes, and it should peel right off.

Moisturize Those Ragged Cuticles: Just a little bit of olive oil rubbed onto your nail beds will moisturize them, and help make them not look like you just took a weed eater to them. Do this once or twice a week, and you will be able to tell a major difference in your hands!!

Stuck Ring: Oops. You gained a little weight, and can’t get your wedding ring off. Don’t freak out. It’s olive oil to the rescue!! Just rub the surrounding skin with a bit of olive oil, and slide that ring right off!

Dust That Wooden Furniture: Do you have wooden furniture that has gone a bit dull? Just put some olive oil on a rag, and wipe down your beautiful piece of furniture. That wood will spring right back to life.

Squeaky Door Jams: Throw out that chemical spray that you use to get rid of squeaky doors. Just put a drop of olive oil in the metal part of the door jam, and move the door back and forth to work that oil in. No more squeaky door!

Chewing Gum In The Hair: If you’ve had a toddler, you’ve been there — the dreaded chewing gum in the hair! Before you reach for those scissors to cut it out, try rubbing the gum and surrounding hair with a little bit of olive oil. That gum will have to be worked a bit with the oil, but it should release nicely.

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