Here’s Where to Get The Viral Christmas Tree Everyone Is Talking About

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If you can’t decide on whether or not it’s too early to set up the Christmas tree, we’ve all been there.

So consider this, your official reason to setup the tree before Thanksgiving this year.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

What’s dubbed the Grand Duchess Balsam artificial tree, this holiday tree has gone viral on social media for its grand appearance when setup in your living room.

Standing at nearly 8 feet tall, this merry cherry has more than enough room to hold all of the ornaments you’ve collected over the years.

Featuring 3,271 branch tips and 2,250 LED lights, this cheerful tree emits a warm glow whenever illuminated.

There’s just something about a pre-lit Christmas tree that takes off some of the pressure we all get during the holiday season, am I right?

Courtesy of The Home Depot

And what’s even better than a pre-lit Christmas tree is one that can change colors at your fingertips.

That’s right, all 2,250 lights are color-changing, which means you can choose to have a red Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and opt for a green tree on Christmas day, or vis versa!

Courtesy of The Home Depot

You can currently find the Grand Duchess Balsam artificial tree at The Home Depot this holiday season!

Courtesy of The Home Depot

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