My Daughter Is Turning 13 Years Old And I’m Not Ready

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In 4 days, my daughter will be 13 years old. When the heck did that happen?

It seems like just YESTERDAY we were going on her 3rd grade field trip together, then BOOM. I blinked, and she turned into a teenager.

Is it weird that I feel like I’m losing my sweet little baby?

I mean, we have been dealing with those nasty preteen hormones for awhile now, but there is just something about that number that’s about to kill me. 13.

13 was a defining age for me. It was a bit traumatic in certain areas.

I became very aware of my “flaws.” People pointed them out to me, and I started listening to what they were saying.

People at school started being mean — when we had previously all been friends.

Boys became BOYS — and all of a sudden it became awkward to make eye contact with and hard to have conversations with these creatures, who had previously been stinky and gross.

I had to figure out how to deal with the desire to still play with toys, but also try to grow up and give up those “baby” things.

My parents started to become annoying and impossible to deal with.

And, let’s not forget, I was just dealing with starting that monthly curse that most girls start around 12 years old.

Can you relate?

I don’t want such a traumatic time for my daughter. *tear emoji*

I know we all have to trudge through those awkward teenage years, but going through it as a mom? I am not ready.

Have I prepared her enough? Is she strong enough to deal with the bullies? Does she know she can always talk to me? Is SHE ready?

I want to shelter her and protect her from what I know is inevitably going to happen — the teen years can be ROUGH — but I know it has to happen.

I just have to be there for her, and love her through it — even if she feels like I’m the enemy for awhile.

There is truly an ache in my heart when it comes to thinking about what the future holds. I have to start to let go, and it sucks. I know she will need me less and less, and I’M NOT READY.

But, I have to remind myself it won’t all be bad things. I just have to hold on to those good moment and cherish the time we do have.

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