Pillsbury Released ‘Mean Girls’ Toaster Strudels For A Breakfast That Is So Fetch

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“That is so FETCH!”

Did the movie Mean Girls pop into your head as soon as you read that, because it should have! This famous line, is quoted by none other than mean girl number two, Gretchen Wieners!

Mean Girls is practically a classic and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you must make the time to do so.


So, why am I talking about a movie that came out 16 years ago?! Well, that’s because Gretchen’s face is on a famous toaster pastry company which is no coincidence since it’s noted in the movie that her father is the founder of toaster strudel!


Pretty clever huh? Pillsbury, you’ve got a new CEO!

What makes this box different than others? Well for starters, this is a limited edition box with special edition pink icing since on Wednesdays we wear PINK of course.

Plus, if you buy two boxes at once, there’s a code you can get to watch the movie on Fandango!

The middle filling is Strawberry flavored with 6 pastries included in each box. You can the limited edition boxes at Target and they’re currently on sale for $1.97.

It’s “far-fetched” to think these boxes won’t sell out, so if you’re running to Target, just throw in a box or two in your shopping cart!

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