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Nicolas Cage Is Playing Dracula In A New Movie And I Can’t Wait

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Nicolas Cage is about to hit the big screen again, and this time he will be playing the most famous vampire ever to exist in the realm of the undead.

No, I’m not talking about Lestat.

Think older.

Mr. Cage will be playing the infamous Dracula in the new horror / comedy Renfield.

If you aren’t versed on exactly who Renfield is, let me help you out.

Renfield is a character in the OG Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror novel Dracula, which was released waaayyy back in 1897.

He is Dracula’s overly fanatic devotee of an assistant — his henchman, if you will — who happens to live in an asylum and eat people and bugs.

[Renfield is a] carnivorous madman, ingesting insects and spiders, believing their life-force would prolong his years.

Dracula Fandom

In the new film Renfield, Nicholas Hoult will play the title character against Nicolas Cage’s Dracula.

According to IMDB, Nicolas Cage is going to put a new spin on the famous vampire, and I can’t wait!

Renfield will be a dark comedic retelling of the story of the crazed assistant to Dracula.

In this particular version of the story, Renfield will tire of his dealings with Drac. He will focus on finding love and a new life outside of the confines of Dracula.

There are some pretty big names — besides Nicolas Cage — attached to this film.

Ryan Ridley — Rick and Morty — is co-writing the story with Robert Kirkman — The Walking Dead. If their previous projects are any indication, this script is going to be BOMB!

Chris McKay — who directed The Lego Batman Movie — is attached to Renfield as director.

Look for Renfield to drop into theaters in April of 2023.

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