People Are Putting Sugar Cookies In Mini Waffle Makers And The Result Is Pure Magic

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My kids’ FAVORITE cookies on earth are those huge frosted sugar cookies from Walmart. You know the ones. They are white, with that THICK holiday frosting, and topped with colorful sprinkles.

They taste like sweet sugar, mixed with entirely too much butter, and they are FABULOUS!!


Well, as it turns out, TikTok users have come up with the BEST idea when it comes to these cookies. Leave it to TikTok, AMIRITE?

They are taking one of these sugar cookies, and placing it in a little waffle iron. The result is absolutely GENIUS!!

Courtesy of @michaellasmitth on TikTok

I mean, it’s like a cookie straight out of the oven, with melty frosting, ooey gooey inards, and a crispy outer cookie shell. BUT, you don’t have to go through the trouble of heating up the whole kitchen, and getting a cookie sheet all dirty.

You just have to stick it in the mini waffle iron for a few minutes. Easy Peasy!!

The hardest part is wiping out the waffle iron when you’re done, but — spoiler alert — that isn’t hard at all.

Courtesy of @michaellasmitth on TikTok

Watch the magic happen in the full TikTok video below.


Joe approves

♬ original sound – ocean_magazine

If you need to get a Mini Waffle Iron of your own, you can get it right from the Amazon website. It will only cost you about 18 bucks, and it just might be the best money you spend all holiday season.

Courtesy of Amazon

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