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Move Over Disney, Lofthouse Now Has Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies and My Life Is Complete

Everyone is always raving about a the Disney Dole Whip, I’ve never had one. But apparently Lofthouse Delicious Cookies has taken the flavors of the non-dairy soft-serve pineapple flavored Dole Whip and turned it into a cookie! So, I can kind of get the jest of it without traveling anywhere!

It is called the Lofthouse Delicious Cookies Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookie and I can can not wait to give them a try!

The Instagram user above spotted the cookies in her local Kroger grocery store. 

From her photo, you can see that they are sugar cookies that have a pretty yellow summery frosting. They are also covered in sprinkles that are brown, green, yellow, and white. The packaging also says it has a pineapple whip flavor.

Lofthouse Delicious Cookies

There are 10 cookie in the package and the price reads $3.99! Not bad! I hope they have them near me! Now, can we talk about this Key Lime Cookie they have? I’m going to need these as well!

Also, don’t forget! You can totally make your own Dole Whip at home! Disney released the recipe and we have all of that information for you. It is easier than you think! I need to try it myself!