Kit Kat Is Bringing Back Their Pumpkin Pie Flavor This Month And I’m Stocking Up

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Can you guys believe that I haven’t had a bite of Kit Kat’s pumpkin pie flavor, says their number one fan!

Supposedly Kit Kat released this flavor back in 2017, so it’s been 3 years too long that I have yet to try this Halloween flavor. 


You can bet that I’m trying it this year and good news, I hear this flavor is releasing nationwide in July of this year, according to a Hershey’s representative; I should have no problem finding it! 


With this flavor, you’ll get your classic wafer dipped in pumpkin pie flavored crème. 

The crème itself is dipped in an orange color, to get that full Autumn feel. 


Of course we must talk about the packaging because other than biting into the crisp wafer, the wrapper is the second most exciting part. 


The new packaging is covered in orange, red and yellow colors. There are also pumpkins and autumn leaves surrounding the wrapper, making me wish we were closer to the fall season. 


You can purchase your own bag of Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats in a 9.7 ounce bag for $3.79 and if you’re not good at baking, here’s a secret.

Just fill a bowl with Kit Kat’s pumpkin pie flavor for dessert, your guests won’t even notice the difference!


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