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These Bat And Zombie Crochet Patterns Let You Make The Cutest Halloween Plushies

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These aren’t so scary as they are absolutely adorable.

You can crochet your own Bat and Zombie Halloween Plushies, and it’s easier than it looks.


These Halloween Plushies would be so perfect to add to a little Boo Box for your kids or BFF this Halloween season, wouldn’t they?!?

I love that these plushie patterns come with an instruction manual and 30 pictures to help guide you along the way.


Now, this pattern uses only basic crochet stitches: chain, single crochet, increasing and decreasing.

The instruction book for these Halloween Plushies is written in English and uses US crochet terms, so plan accordingly.


You will want to use plush yarn, and a size G/6 and C/2 hook, which you can find at any craft store. You can even get them in the sewing section at Walmart!!

I have total faith that you can complete these Halloween Plushies with no problems what-so-ever.


If you do get stuck, you can always head over to YouTube and search for the stitch you need. There are about a million crochet videos that will teach you basic stitches.

It is important to note that you are paying for the PDF PATTERNS for these Halloween Bat and Zombie Plushies. It’s not a completed project.


You can get BOTH plushie patterns for $5.13, and you can use them again and again.

To get your own Halloween Bat and Zombie Plushie Patterns, just head on over to the Fionacrochetdesign shop on Etsy.


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