Dollar Tree’s Latest Changes Will Make Shopping At Their Stores A Little More Difficult

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Well, this is not good news …

Dollar Tree — one of my favorite stores — is changing the way it displays and sells some merchandise, and that includes discontinuing some popular products.

This is really a matter of a couple bad apples ruining the entire batch.

The reason they are changing up their selling tactics has to do with theft.

During an August 24th earnings call, Rick Dreiling, Dollar Tree Chairman and Chief Executive, said that they are going to take a proactive and defensive approach to dealing with this theft.

Some of the more popular items will be moving behind checkout stands, or they will be straight-up locking them up to prevent shrink.

The shrink problem is so bad that the company is going to discontinue some of the items that see the most theft.

That means, your favorite items may not be there the next time you run inside to shop.

Ugh, right?!? It is the freaking Dollar Tree. Why do people steal from the Dollar Tree?!?

I guess I can’t blame the Dollar Tree for these changes. They are just trying to keep costs down for the rest of us.

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