People Are Claiming The Snow In Texas Is Fake And That It Was Sent By Bill Gates

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Mother Nature has dodged a bullet, for now that is.

Apparently climate change isn’t the one to blame for the pounds of snow that arrived in Texas early last week, Bill Gates is.

But why Bill Gates?

Courtesy of @thisisbillgates

Well according to some, the successful software developer is definitely the one to blame for the chaos down in Texas including the many power outages, no running water, and let’s not forget about the multiple toilet’s that have frozen over and exploded.

A handful of TikTokers have gone viral for sharing their conspiracy theory about the supposedly fake snow that has blanketed the lone star state.

Courtesy of @kushpapi_

The conspiracy theorists on TikTok even claim they have “proof” by putting a match to a handful of snow and showing their followers that it doesn’t melt and supposedly even burns…?

Hence the idea of fake snow was born!

Courtesy of @harrisonav

Some users have even stated there’s metal in the snow, but can you image a metal snowflake hitting your forehead, ouch that would hurt.

Courtesy of @nijmaah8

It looks like Bill Gates has another hobby and it doesn’t include Microsoft.

But in all reality folks, I can confidently say Bill Gates is not the one to blame for the snow in Texas since coincidentally, he does spend much of his time and money battling against climate change or maybe that’s just a distraction to fool us all?

Courtesy of @thisisbillgates

Just kidding you guys. All fingers point to climate change and the switch up in the polar vortex!

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  1. The goverment is messing with the jet stream???

    1. @Deb Day, no, they definitely are not. ??‍♀️

      This is climate change, period. Global weather is cyclical and ever-changing. Certain things humans continue to do affect it. If we keep destroying things like the rainforest, the planet fights back.

      This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s science.

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