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Build-A-Bear Just Released A Peeps Bunny Just In Time For Easter

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Build-A-Bear Workshop is selling stuffed Peeps Rainbow Bunnies, and they are about to be front-and-center in my kids’ Easter Baskets!!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Do you remember when you were little — or, perhaps now — and you would wake up Easter morning to a brightly colored basket full of plastic grass, and tons of candy-filled plastic eggs?

I bet right in the middle of all that candy was a big ol’ pile of Peeps!!

You know what Peeps are. Those colorful — often hard-as-a-rock, but still totally tasty — marshmallow bunnies or chicks that just SCREAM “It’s Easter Time!”

Courtesy of @peepsbrand on Instagram

They were, and still are, so bright, colorful, and totally inviting!!

Courtesy of @peepbrand on Instagram

Well, Build-A-Bear Workshop has a Peeps Rainbow Bunny gift set — or you can get a pink or blue Bunny — and they are here just in time for our favorite spring holiday!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

First of all, that Peeps Rainbow Bunny is just about the cutest bear — uh — stuffed animal — uh — squishy creature they have ever had!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

But, for $29 you can get the Bunny, complete with a super-cute “Inside we’re all the same” bandana to go around the Bunny’s neck!!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Add a splash of color to their Easter basket this year! This fun-filled gift set includes a PEEPS® Rainbow Bunny wearing its own reversible PEEPS® bandana. It’s the perfect Easter gift for somebunny special!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

You can get your OWN Rainbow Peeps Bunny and Reversible Bandana by going to the Build-A-Bear Workshop website.

Courtesy of @buildabear on Instagram

The SET is $29, or you can opt to get just the Bunny for $24. The Bunnies come in rainbow, pink, and blue.

Courtesy of @buildabear on Instagram

They also have Peeps-inspired clothes, and other swag, that you can get for your Peeps Bunnies, or even for your other Build-A-Bears!!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

I just have to get them all!! GAH!! So cute!

Courtesy of @buildabear on Instagram

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