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This Peeps Cookie Kit Let’s You Build An Edible Chicken Coop

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I was so excited to learn that Peeps is officially back in production! They are one of my favorite treats!


They had to shut down last year because of the pandemic and we missed out on some of the themed holiday Peeps Products.

If you haven’t spotted them back in stores yet, you should start seeing them very soon. Just in time for Spring and Easter!


The Peeps Cookie Coop Kit is one of the new Spring products coming out. Totally fun for a family project to welcome Spring, and Easter too!


It’s pre-baked and easy to assemble, so some kids may not even need your help. The Peeps Cookie Coop is like a gingerbread house, but for welcoming back Spring!

This fun activity will entertain kids and it comes with everything needed to build it included.

  • cookie panels
  • pre-mixed icing
  • Peeps chicks
  • chicken cookies
  • assorted candy
  • prebaked sugar

If you happen to have a BJ’s nearby, they are selling an exclusive Peeps Chicken Coop kit that comes with 2 coops in one package. It’s only $10.99 for the 2 pack.

The regular single Peeps Chicken Coop kits should be available in most of your favorite stores soon. Just look in the Easter candy aisle, don’t forget to try the Oreo Cookies & Creme Eggs too!


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